Situated at the heart of Kikuyu, and just 40 min from the main international airport, we are proud of our evolution from a mid-scale operation to a fully hydroponic 18.5ha rose farm. At 2000m above sea level, the climate at Magana Flowers is pleasant and suitable for growing the best quality roses with a large head-size, richer colour and longer vase-life.

At Magana Flowers, we strive to co466C7826nduct our business with utmost professionalism and integrity, and commit to making a fair profit. In this regard, we invest heavily in researching the ever-changing market and consumer trends, ensuring that our roses consistently exceed customer expectations.

We are continuously expanding our production area, upgrading our growing infrastructure, maintaining up-to date growing techniques, training our dedicated staff and enhancing production of premium rose varieties such as our famous A1 among others.